Lab Name Mechanical Workshop
Courses Taught in the Lab

Basic Workshop

Manufacturing Process


Skills Acquired in the Lab Basic measurement techniques, common manufacturing techniques, Machining, Metal Fabrication, Welding Technology, Lathing, Milling, CNC Machines, Common Workshop Works
Lab Name Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Lab
Courses Taught in the Lab

Thermodynamics 1

Applied Thermodynamics

Heat Transfer

Skills Acquired in the Lab Carbon Residue, Heat Transfer in Natural Convection, Temperature Measurement Bench, Flash & Fire Point, Redwood Viscometer, AC Unit,   Water Cooling Tower, Pressure - temperature apparatus, Gas Cyclone, Diesel Engine.
Lab Name Mechatronics Lab
Courses Taught in the Lab

Mechanics of Machines I

Mechanics of Machines II


Skills Acquired in the Lab Brakes, clutches, Gearbox, Automatic Gearbox, Centrifugal Governor, Gyroscope, Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, Speed Control Unit, Speed Control Unit.
Lab Name Fluid Mechanics lab
Courses Taught in the Lab

Fluid Mechanics 1

Fluid Mechanics 2

Hydro-power plants Machinery Design

Pneumatic & Hydraulic System

Skills Acquired in the Lab Fluid Friction in Pipes, Fluid Measurement & Flowmeters, Impact of Jet, Discharge Over Notch, Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Water to Water Heat Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Hydraulic Ram, Cavitation Apparatus, Hydrostatic Experiment – Density, Viscosity, Pressure, Gravity, Minor Losses, Losses in Bends, Fluid Flow Meter – Venture, Orifice , Multi-flow Measurements.
Lab Name Computer Application Lab
Courses Taught in the Lab

Engineering Drawing

Computer Aided Drawing

Numerical Analysis


Skills Acquired in the Lab AutoCAD, Matlab, Engineering tools packages ANSYS, FLUENT, GAMBIT


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