Degrees Awarded

Degrees Awarded

The department offers the following academic degrees:
1.  Bachelor Degree in Petroleum and natural Gas Engineering,
2.  Diploma/Master of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (by courses and research paper),
3.  Master of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (by research)
4.  Doctor of Philosophy in petroleum Engineering
2.1  B.Sc. Program
  The program has the following objectives:
  Since the establishment of the Department in the mid 1990’s, the industry has undergone considerable technology   changes that initiate the suggested changes:
1.Reduction of the total credit hours from 220 in the present program to 180 credit hours to match the recommendations of the High Curriculum Committee in the Faculty of Engineering.
2.Upgrade the syllabus to achieve the faculty in modernization of the topics to match the international standards without affecting the strong base of science and basic engineering topics.
3.Meeting the requirements of the work market with discussion with business owners and employers of their needs in the proposed programs.
   2.2Master Program
Program Objectives:
The program in Petroleum Engineering is uniquely focused on the specific needs of the upstream petroleum industry. The program is intended to develop the graduate’s ability to analyze open-ended problems and design solutions for petroleum engineering and related disciplines, understand the associated uncertainties, and to evaluate the social and environmental impacts. In addition, the program aims to prepare a graduate with engineering fundamentals to work effectively in the industry and to meet the challenges of the future petroleum engineering profession as well as to promote effective oral and written technical communication skills.
Admission Requirements:
As per general rules of registration the Graduate College of the University and the regulation of the graduate study at the faculty of Engineering, the following apply the admission to the MPNG:
The applicant must be holding an Honours degree in Engineering of the University of Khartoum, or its equivalent.
Registration Requirements
As per academic Regulations for Postgraduate Studies 2011 (section 4.2), the student must first register for the diploma/Master Program and then pursue to Master degree at the end of the second semester based on his/her academic performance.
Program Specializations:
If the candidate achieves satisfactory performance and pursued to Master degree (as per contest 4), He/She must select a specialization area to be enrolled in. Three specialization areas are offered during for the Master degree program. These are;
1-    Master in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Specialization in Reservoir Engineering);
2-    Master in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Specialization in Production Engineering); and
3-    Master in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Specialization in Drilling Engineering).

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