Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Current Research

The DEEE plan to do many researches and projects which related to its disciplines. In 2010, A Cubesat (Cube Satellite) project was established at the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering as the first satellite project in all Sudanese universities. Since that, a lot of space and satellite researches were completed and achieved a huge success. Two prototypes were designed, fabricated and tested successfully following the international standards of Cubesat designation, and it became one of a few Cubesats with Camera mission on that time, but unfortunately it wasn't launched due to funding problems. Also, a fully functional ground station is installed and operated to track and command other Satellite and universities’ Cubesats and there are continuous researches to operate the University of Khartoum educational ground station and to ensure the receiving of a correct data from other Cubesats and Satellites. The University of Khartoum ground station is actively involved in receiving many CubeSats beacon and telemetry and was one of the first ground stations in the world to receive some of these satellite data.  Furthermore, the team communicates with those universities and send their satellites’ data and comments about the satellite status.
In general, the CubeSat contain several subsystems, each subsystem has a role to play aboard the CubeSat. In practice, in the field of the CubeSat design, each subsystem, which has dedicated hardware and software, is assigned to one team of experts because each subsystem belongs to one branch of science. On the other hand, there are connections between the various subsystems. Therefore, each team works in coordination with other teams to achieve the tasks of its subsystem