About Faculty of Engineering

In 1939, the School of Engineering was established as a post secondary college offering a five year course leading to Diploma in Engineering Science, prior to that year, engineering technical education was confined to the secondary section of Gordon College which provided elementary training in building construction surveying and applied mechanics.

In 1947, Gordon College went into special relationship with London University and became University College under the Aegis of the institution. The college was given full university status by the first Sudanese parliament in 24 th July 1956.

The Diploma course of the School of Engineering was for some ten years 1939-1949 a mixing of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering offered without specialization to all candidates joining the school. The course then given included one complete year of practical training at the Sudan Railways Workshops at Atbara, as well as one term of intensive laboratory work in Cairo University Egypt.

In 1949 a decision was taken to increase the number of years of study from five to six years of which two were to be spent in the Faculty of Science on Mathematics Physics and Chemistry.

Up to 1968, the course remained as a six year course with two years in Science and four in Engineering. However the practical training was confined to the summer vacations at the end of each of the academic session. The period of laboratory work at Cairo University as no longer necessary after 1952.

In 1957, a department of Architecture was instituted offering a Degree in Architectural Science within the Faculty of Engineering. The Architecture course runs over five years but selection is made from those who completed one year in the Faculty of Science in the Mathematical class. The first batch of student with BS.c in Architectural Science graduated in 1961.

In 1959, the Electrical Engineering Department was developed to be a degree awarding Department intend of being a service Department for Civil and Mechanical Engineers. Electrical Engineers were actually graduated in March 1964.

In 1964, and due to the industrial development in the country, the Chemical Engineering Department was established within the Faculty. The first group of Chemical Engineers were graduated in 1968.

While the syllabus and curricular were being reviewed in 1965/66 specialization was brought earlier so that after the two years in the Faculty of Science the student spent only one year in the common Engineering class followed by three years in the specialized department of his/ her choice. This arrangement started with the July 1966 intake to Engineering.

A period of consolidation of increased facilities and developments outlined above then followed until the time came when the University Senate saw it desirable to reduce the total number of years of study from six to five. The decision was mainly due to the reduction of one year training at Atbara. The increased facilities and rearrangement of syllabuses enabled spending one year only in the Faculty of Science followed by four years in the Faculty of Engineering. Thus, starting with double intake to Engineering in July 1968 from both preliminary and intermediate Science the Engineering Departments have fallen in line with other Faculties of similar nature.

In 1975, the Department of Surveying Engineering was formulated to meet the country's demand of surveying engineers. The first batch of candidates was graduated in 1980.

A special joint board was set up between the Faulty of Engineering and Architecture and the Faculty of Agriculture under the chairmanship of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 1976. The degree was then transferred to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 1985.

The Mining Engineering Department was instituted in 1992, followed by the Petroleum Engineering Department in 1996 and finally the Basic and Engineering Sciences Department in 2006.

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