University of Khartoum was founded in 1902. In 1939 the Faculty of Engineering was established as a Post Secondary College offering the degree of Diploma in Engineering Science, a mixing of Civil Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering to fulfill the country need in different industrial services at that time. The Faculty graduated its first batch of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in 1952. The Architecture Engineering Department was instituted in 1957 while the Electrical Engineering Department was instituted in 1961 during the implementation of Rosseres Dam.

In 1964 , the Chemical  Engineering Department was established to fulfill the industrial demand at that time especially in Sugar , textiles , Soap , Oils and cement industries followed by the Surveying Engineering Department in 1975 and the Agricultural Engineering Department in 1976. The last two added departments were the Mining Engineering Department in 1992 and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department in 1996.

Currently, there are 9 departments with more than 2800 undergraduate students and 850 post graduate students.