• Provide students with the crux of knowledge in basic, humanitarian and engineering sciences and, afford them skills and capacities necessary for the development of analytical thinking and innovative creation to carry out missions pertinent to designing installations, machinery, systems and operations and to and to actually perform such missions

  • Emphasize the identity and authenticity of the nation through the materials presented in the curricula and educational, cultural and end engineering programs. .

  • Enable graduates to keep on self- development throughout their careers.

  • Prepare engineers who are aware of the social, cultural and political aspects of their work, while development their values of ethics and beauty, especially those suiting the career of an engineer.

  • Prepare qualified engineering cadres in all branches of engineering to be able to meet all demands and ambitions of the Sudanese society at local and national levels in all different sector requiring development plans.

  • Cooperation with public and private organizations to contribute to finding solutions to all applied engineering problems and to offer technical services and advice in all different engineering fields.

  • Develop training course and continuous learning programs to upgrade competency of public and private sector workers and enable them to maximize their potentials to actively participate in the development of the country.

  • Carry out and publish academic knowledge.

  • Organize, in collaboration with stakeholders, conferences, symposia  and workshops to upgrade technical and scientific levels in all branches of engineering.

  • Contribute to the process of Arabicization of engineering sciences curricula through writing, translation and encouraging all efforts in this respect in collaboration with the U of K Arabicization Committee.