Admission Conditions

Admission Conditions, Duration of Study and Method of Examinations


The department applies same admission conditions duration of study and method examination adopted by the Faculty of Engineering. Students are awarded the degree of BSc(Honors) in Mining Engineering.


In 1989 a committee was formed comprising professor Bront and head department of the Faculty of Engineering in addition to representatives from the department of geology, Uof K, the Public Authority for Geological Research and he Sudanese Mining Corporation. Following a series of meetings, deliberating on curricula used by some university in the USSR, USA and UK, the committee came up with proposal for the establishment of the Department of Mining Engineering. Certain aspects were considered in the development of the Curricula including :

1.     The basic needs of the Sudanese environment.

2.     The lack of medium level cadres means that Field training during recesses was a necessity.( Islamic studies, Arabic and English ).