Techno-pole Benefits

Techno-pole Benefits

1- Benefits to Sudan industrial sector
                 By solving real society of environmental problems through   innovation
2-Benefits to the community
Creating jobs for youth and help them to create their own jobs
Enhanced image.
Building up young entrepreneurs.
Build confidence and leadership skills.
Enhance Business development ie . create more jobs as the business expands.
Provide quality education and facilitate knowledge.

3-Benefits to joining companies:

Reduced barriers to market entry i.e. easy start of emerging companies.

Networking and mentoring i.e. facilitating know how and relationships with partners, suppliers, banks.

4- Benefits to the University

Expand outreach, ie extend their service base by serving incubator clients .

Enhanced image, ie they provide tangible evidence to community of how the university educational mission is extended  to fuel the country economic health.

Improved structure for technology transfer, ie the incubator helps to fill the gap in the entrepreneurial development eco- system in Sudan.