Chemical Engineering

   The Department of Chemical Engineering (ChemEng) at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Khartoum is aimed to produce high quality process engineers. The route to process engineer takes five academic years (10 semesters). In these years the students are equipped with the fundamental and advanced knowledge in mass, heat and momentum transfer, thermodynamics, chemical reaction, process dynamic and control, plant design and computation methods. Engineering economics, project management and health, safety environment (HSE) are emphasized during the course of study. The department of chemical engineering also provides postgraduate programs at MSc and PhD levels. Our Department is active as well in continuing education; offering short training courses to industry. The department also provides consultancy services to local and regional industries. Fundamental and applied researches are further missions of our Department.

The department objectives :

- to conduct and maintain effective and high quality undergraduate / postgraduate teaching and research programs aiming to maximize students’ potential through exposure to diverse courses and practical experience,

- to provide community services through consultancy and continuing education.

The department was established in 1976 by Mr. M. Elbagir Khalifa in cooperation with the Glasgow and Newcastle Universities.