Chemical Engineering

   Chemical and Materials Engineering are disciplines concerned with the application of basic engineering sciences to the study of processes in which raw materials undergo both chemical and physical changes to produce value added products. Chemical and Material engineers deal with the design, construction and economic operation of plants and equipment in which these processes take place. Quality and characteristics of manufactured materials are also studied in these disciplines.

   The Chemical Engineering Department at Faculty of Engineering in Khartoum University has a reputation within industry and academia for research excellence and producing highly trained, well-educated and professional chemical engineers.

The department has planned different laboratories with the most recent and updated equipment available in the market. These facilities will not only offer excellent learning opportunities for students and researchers but also extend materials testing and analysis services to the industry and other users. 

   The department has a planned teaching computer languages and application of computers in various courses of Chemical and Materials Engineering, the students will be encouraged to use this laboratory for their design projects, research dissertations, and class assignments.