Department Head

First of all, it is a great privilege to come to Khartoum/SUDAN and work at University of Khartoum. It is especially an honor to work at the central campus, to help establish the department from the very beginning. I feel honored to contribute in developing the educational programs here. In our department, we have staff from many disciplines. It is very invigorating to work with people from diverse backgrounds. I take this opportunity to welcome everyone.

I would like to welcome our students. I hope your effort will be rewarded with a great education. Incha-Allah all of you will graduate from our department in five years. You will fulfill and contribute greatly to manpower requirements of the SUDAN.

I would like to thank the administration, teaching staff especially dean faculty prof. Ali Rabah for the dedication and hard work to develop Mechanical Engineering Department and the Faculty. His support and encouragement is invaluable. Finally, I encourage you to see for yourself-explore our website and learn more about what the Department of Mechanical Engineering is offering. I sincerely thank everybody for making my life here in engineering campus enjoyable. Thank you.

Dr. Salah Ahmed Abdallah (Head Dept.) – Associate Professor.