It contributes to my pleasure to welcome the respected reader to the website of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum. The Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1939 as School of Engineering offering Diploma in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Now the Faculty offers eight BSc degrees in Agricultural, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical, Surveying, Petroleum and Mining Engineering. The number of enrolled students in this academic year is more than 2600 BSc students and over 500 postgraduate students.

 The Faculty objectives are to qualify engineers, conduct research, development and provide community services (consultancy and continuing education). These objectives are fulfilled with highly qualified academic staff of more than 100 professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers and more than 50 teaching assistants in addition to about 200 technicians and support staff. The Faculty is currently executing mega project covering curriculum development, laboratories modernization, new buildings and infrastructure rehabilitation. The project is financed by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the Federal Ministry of Finance and National Economics (MFNE). Here, I would like to thank IDP and MFNE for their contributions and support and our vice-chancellor for his support in realizing this project.

 The graduates of The Faculty of Engineering are leading the national industrial development in various sectors such as construction, power generation, agriculture, Communication oil and gas, mining and chemical industries, to mention a few. In fact, the faculty and faculty staff are fully participating in the planning of national strategic projects and their execution. The graduates of this faculty are, as well, involved in the development of many neighboring countries.

The students of the Faculty are dynamic and extremely talented. To develop their personality the faculty encourages them to participate in different social, cultural and academic related activities at the Faculty, University and inter - University levels. For example, the students, through their “Engineering Student Association” organize an ”Engineer’s Exhibition” every two years.

 The BSc program is enhanced with extensive summer training. The students conduct industrial training at national and international levels. In fact, the BSc students make annual visits to a number of countries such Syria, Egypt, Malaysia, China and Turkey.