• The role and usages of geodetic application in Engineering Surveying
•   Applications of static Scanners in Deformation measurements and analysis,
•   Satellite Geodesy positioning and Lidar systems integrations and implementations.
•   Physical Geodesy with particular emphasis in enhancing global gravity and geoid models to fit Sudan territories.
• Hydrographic and bathymetric surveying and their implications in tides and

     the determinations of sea rises, orthometric heights and national boundaries.
•   Geodynamics and crustal deformations and its local and regional effects.
•   Modelling of the Propagation of electromagnetic waves
•   Geospatial and GIS strategies, implementation and Enterprise solutions.
•    Analytical and Digital Photogrammetry.
•    Development of Geospatial Solutions
•     Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
•    Use of Remote Sensing, Topographic Analysis and GIS to develop Solutions for Natural Resources    
•     Evaluation and Management
•    Spatial Analysis
•     The National Geographical Information System center of U of K:-
               - serves all GIS in the country.
               - training of GIS users.
               - provide advice to existing GIS Departments.
                - participating in GIS conferences & workshop in the region & in the international conferences.

* The National Hydrographic Surveying in the Sudan:
- promoting hydrographic surveying in the Sudan by surveying the river banks in Khartoum & other areas.
- Aid the definition of National Waters of the Sudan in the Red Sea.
- Awareness of hydrographic surveying in general.
- Surveying & documents of all water surfaces in the Sudan.
* Mapping of the Sudan:
It is known that mapping in the Sudan is poor. Mean of raising the awareness of mapping & its importance need collection effort & means and ways of bridging the gap of lack of important map series in the Sudan.