Techno-pole Unit

Techno-pole definition


Techno pole ( business Incubator): is defined as the provision of business assistance that comes in the form of management guidance, technical assistance, and consulting tailored to young, growing companies or individuals.
Business Incubator:
     An economic development tool that promotes entrepreneurship by providing resources to help new ventures become sustainable businesses.
Business Incubator Facility:
     A building in which the business incubator is housed. A facility may be used to provide office, production, and/or storage spaces to tenants, as well as shared amenities.
Business Incubator Program:
      A collection of services and programming that provides incubator clients with the assistance needed to develop their businesses.
Business Incubator Tenant:
     A business or individual that operates inside of a business incubator facility.
Business Incubator Client:
     An entrepreneur enrolled in the incubator  program who receives development assistance and other services from the  incubator.
Mixed-Use Incubator:
     A business incubator that caters to all industries, as opposed to specializing in the development of one specific industry.
Virtual Incubator:
     A business incubator that operates without a facility. A virtual business incubator is not centrally located in a single building, but still maintains a business incubator program.
Pre-business incubation :
     Incubation, typically focusing on developing ideas and business plans, often with competitions and in conjunction with universities.



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